Best Solutions for Home Improvements

Guranteed Best Price & Fast Instaltion 

Luxury Doors 

We specialise in supply and fitting of luxury and secure doors. This includes the reconditioning and upgrading of antique doors and installation of security door systems. With the use of the best British Certified Carpenters.

Mordern Kitchens

We specialise in Bespoke Kitchens and Cabinetry using British craftsmanship and expertise. By putting customization and design at the heart of every kitchen project, we guarantee an individual and unique kitchen for your home.

Stylish Bathroom 

We specialise in cutting edge bathroom designs and fittings for your home is only a phone call away. Bathroom designs are constantly changing and you deserve the best and latest. Why settle for anything else?

Backed with 37 Years of Experience




Our Guiding Principles

Every project counts

Every project is important to us. Regardless of its size and scope, Nathan Construction (UK) Ltd throws the full weight of its team behind your project to deliver the results you've come to expect from us

Flexible and dedicated 

We are a goal-oriented developer, placing a high premium on flexibility, originality and dedication. Our first priority is to deliver what we promise, and we fully understand the importance of deadlines and budget limits. Our team shares a passion for creative designs, original solution and longstanding expertise in the field. 

Building a lasting partnership

This philosophy has served us well in the past, and it's what distinguishes us from all other developers. Contact us today, and see how a lasting relationship with Nathan Construction (UK) Ltd will build your success for generations to come.

Our Mission to Build Lasting Relationships

"Flexiblity, Innovation & Results - For A Lasting Partnership"

The success of a new construction project depends on the talent and dedication of the people whose job it is to bring the project to life. Nathan Construction (UK) Ltd has a clear mission that has driven its success - and the success of its client - for years. Our goals can be summed up in this one simple statement

Nathan Construction (UK) Ltd's residential design and construction team are committed to helping you throughout the entire construction process.

We understand that your home will probably be the largest investment of your life, and we want you to sleep peacefully at night knowing that you have the best-built house on the market. We guarantee that our work is free of construction defect, and have in the past comfortably weathered the worst wind conditions in recent UK history. 

Nathan Construction (UK) Ltd understands the unique issues facing commercial property owners. For this reason, we employ an experienced team that specialises in commercial developed. 

Our expertise covers the following areas: Zoning Regulations, Land Surveying, Code Specifications, Engineering (Road and access routes, Sewage and utilities, Structural load-bearing capacity), Architectural design, Interior design, Remodelling and more.

Who we are...

Nathan Construction (UK) Ltd seeks to hire only the best talent in the industry. With our award-winning team of architects, land developers, designers, builders, and support staff, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

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